Anchor Holds

The Anchor Holds was created in the fall of 2015, out of love and desperation from a mother with 2 active heroin addicts,  I joined a few help groups for family members who have loved ones addicted to illicit drugs. I realized that there was nothing in my area and felt compelled one Sunday morning to do something after watching the movie Woodlawn, why that movie I do not know, but God spoke to me in that moment, and the Anchor Holds was born, we teamed up with the Hope Initiative and initially, helped provide scholarships for the first few participants. We have since became a nonprofit corporation, and have 2 online support groups, a family support and peer support-group with hundreds of members. We sponsored the first Nash County Addiction awareness Rally and had speakers from around the country come and participate. We are sponsoring  along with others, the 2nd Annual Recovery Rally this year in Nashville NC as well. We have just begun Family support meeting and Peer support all recovery meetings at cornerstone baptist church in spring hope. We also sponsor and support the Nash County Syringe exchange program. The Anchor Holds stands behind what we always have said, We just want to save lives, and I am just a mom doing her best to guide her children into sustained recovery, one in my sons is in a long term recovery program in Beaufort NC. And my other son is receiving the vivitrol shot and gainfully employed and in sustained recovery.
Heather Moore