HOPE Initiative


The Nashville Police Department’s HOPE Initiative allows individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) to come to the police department and find their path to recovery.  HOPE participants can turn over any drugs or paraphernalia at intake and they will not be criminally charged.  You will never be asked where you receive your drugs or who might be supplying them.

There are no residency requirements to become a participant in the HOPE Initiative!

Financial assistance is available!

The HOPE Initiative started in February 2016 and to date has had over 170 participants.

The process:

Initial intake – usually at the Nashville Police Department

Volunteer assigned

If DETOX is NOT needed

Volunteer assignment

Intensive Outpatient Program IOP set up with appointment

IF DETOX is needed

Transported to UNC Nash Hospital emergency department for triage and assessment

Referral to DETOX facility – Coastal Plain Hospital

Intensive Outpatient Program set up with appointment

Residential Treatment

We highly recommend a minimum of 90 to 120-day residential treatment program



Once a HOPE Initiative participant enters the program they may utilize the program as often as needed